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Self Harm

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my family found out in april of this year. i supose i did it the easy way n got my school to phone home. i had been cutting myself in school n i had fallen out with alot of my friends, then one day in chemistry i totally lost it. my head of year came into my class n i asked if i could speak to her n i just broke down. i supose in a way it was one of the best things i ever did. when i got home it was really quiet in the house. my dad was just sitting in the lounge looking out the window. he asked if i wanted to talk about it n i just burst into tears. he ended up cryin to n just hugged me for a while. hes ok with it now n he just lets me cope in my own way cos he knows im tryin really hard to stop. it didnt go too well with my mum though. she just cried n cried. it was sooo hard knowing that it was me that made her so upset, she doesnt talk about it noe n if its ever brought up she cries.

telling my friends was really easy strangely. i just told them n sayd that i didnt want to involve them but that was why i was being taken out of class alot. one of my friends was really great. she talked to me about it n was just there for me all the time.

well i hope this helps :)