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Self Harm

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my mum found out about my self harm about a year ago now i think. she had found a letter i had left on my bed from a friend talking about s.h. my mum hadnt been snooping around, just the letter was left obviously by my mistake after rushing around that morning and wasnt really thinking clearly. it didnt directly say about me self harming, but about other friends and the person who wrote it not wanting me o. at the time i wasnt and hadnt for a couple of months.

later that night i was ironing in the kitchen, and my mum passd me a leaflet about self harming. it was called 'self harm to self help' and all about a specail journal, i still have that leaflet.

she didnt say anything for what seemed like ages until i asked her why she had given it too me. i cant remeber exactly what she then said, but it was about my friends doing it and then she asked me if i did. i couldnt tell her to her face that i had, so said no.

later i wrote her a note explaining that i had in the past and some vague reasons. she came into my room and told me she blamed herself and that she was sorry. she then asked to see the scars, not really something i wanted her to see. she did see them. after she asked me not to do it again, and at the time i thought i wasnt going to have to.

since i have, but she hasnt found out yet and im hoping she wont. im not sure whether she ever told my dad and whether he knows anything.

i was quite suprised how calmly she reacted, and i can see she was very reasonable and understanding, although i wouldnt want to go through that again.

she hasnt asked anything since.

i think its all there, and i hope this is of some help to you, if there was anything else just say