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Resources For Information

Here is where I'll add any websites that give some good information on mental health, some websites dealing with specific mental illnesses, and others giving good general information. For a full list of links, please visit Links

Rethink - - UK site for carers and people suffering from severe mental illness. Includes information on mental illness, 24 hour care, treatment and therapy, recovery, living with severe mental illness, children and mental illness, law rights and government, and also information for carers.  It also has information on their campaigns, publications, events and about Rethink's services in your area.


Mind - - The leading mental health charity in England and Wales, the site has extensive information on mental health, Mind's latest projects, campaigns - including some good information on the Mental Health Bill, and what Mind can do for you in your area.


Sane - - A UK charity for mental illness, includes information on Sane, and information on all types of mental illness and some treatments.


Siari - - A UK based site on self harm, includes extensive information on self harm, articles on the psychology behind self harm. Includes help lines in the UK and USA.


PsychCentral - - A US based site, providing extensive information on Anxiety, ADHD, Dissociative Disorders, Personality Disorders, Depression (and other related Mood Disorders), OCD, Schizophrenia. Also includes self-tests, psychology articles and news, a medication library including extensive information on all psychiatric drugs, and support forums.