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This is the Darkness section, where all the poems with the theme of darkness are posted. If you would like to submit a poem to appear on here, please click here

Please remember all of these poems are copyright of their respective authors and that their work should never be copied or reproduced in any way without the author's consent.

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Shadow In The Darkness - by Azreal

 As a cloaked figure approached I felt in me, the urge to flee.
Pale as can be, just as far as my eyes could see.
Just like the wind she floats, with a hidden kind of glee.
For some strange reason, this girl intrigues me.

Dark beauty infiltrates into my eyes,
As we walk down the alley, I see in her the will to terrorize.
The color of her skin, as if isolated from the sunrise.
Danger in this night, my seer did prophesies.

Darkness in the alleyway blinded my sight
The harder I sought, the dimmer became the light,
My head is tilted and in me, come the will to fight.
Struggling with might, to no prevail in my neck I feel the blight.

I feel the drainage in my knees,
like the sting of a thousand bees.

I wake up bewildered and all alone
The deep dark hunger inside me moans.