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This is the Darkness section, where all the poems with the theme of darkness are posted. If you would like to submit a poem to appear on here, please click here

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Lost Eyes - M MEM

You see it in the children
In their eyes
Where did it go?
You start noticing the look leaving
Gradually over time
Today I saw some
They were fresh outta' elementary school
By the time their in my grade
It will be a distant memory
That wide eyed look
Wanting to know
When its gone
You only want to forget
You lose it
When you realize what the world is
The cruelty
You lose it after you've cried over something serious a few too many times
You lose it when you lose hope
Joy is bittersweet
Bad memories
Missed memories in the lost eyes
No guidance
It rarely returns
And only for short trips
You see the eyes and envy them
You see the eyes and want them
You see the eyes and feel sorry
They don't know the horrible truth yet.