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This is the Darkness section, where all the poems with the theme of darkness are posted. If you would like to submit a poem to appear on here, please click here

Please remember all of these poems are copyright of their respective authors and that their work should never be copied or reproduced in any way without the author's consent.

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  Escaping Through My Mind - Toni

  Slipping down a moonbeam
Cascading through a star
Dissolving in dense hues of blue
I know it canít be far

  Searching through misty skies
Revolving around the pain
Scattered amongst lonely star dust
In sweet acid rain

  Reflections in the youthful water
Drowned memories on the ground
Fleeing from the bitter sweet taste
The chains in which I am bound

  Running, past the fears and tears
Running to the edge of my mind
For I canít stay here any longer
Happiness I must find

  Misty depths are following me
Endless fathoms of pain
I wonít stop now, even for one breath
I canít face them again

  Breaking into sharp shards of ice
Wonít let myself fall apart
I guess this is the painful price
For fleeing my bleeding heart

  But the place that I am travelling to
I know I wonít be found
I will exist there in my heaven
A place so safe and sound

  And there will be no more tears
No more insults and dread
And there will be no more fears
No more voices in my head

  I will keep running, I wonít give up
Until I find that place
Until I find that thing called happiness
Until I find my own space

  And even if my heart broke in two
And tears clouded my sight
And my body died without a breath
Iíll still run from depressionís fight