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This is the Darkness section, where all the poems with the theme of darkness are posted. If you would like to submit a poem to appear on here, please click here

Please remember all of these poems are copyright of their respective authors and that their work should never be copied or reproduced in any way without the author's consent.

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  Unnoticed - Toni

  She sits by the window, she’s crying alone
A million salty tears
Splashing on the window pane
Each one for all those years

  The glass is cool against her pale skin
It soothes the burning scars
And as she weeps, she looks at out the world
At the people and passing cars

  She looks at the darkened clouds above
The clouds that bring the rain
She wonders if, when the clouds are crying
They feel any sort of pain

  And like a cloud, she floats unnoticed
Even though her tears are falling
She can’t help but to stare at the sky
She knows that death is calling

  For all she’s doing is being herself
Trying to make it somehow
But something always brings her down
She feels the time is now

  Slowly the heavens begin to open
As they’re gradually torn apart
And out of them a crimson stream comes pouring
Straight from her broken heart

  And this time the rain, it will not stop
Until she is run dry
Of all of her painful memories
The memories that make her cry

  The clouds are much paler than ever before
But still the stream will flow
She’s determined this time that the nightmares will end
She’s determined to make them go

  One by one, her streams run dry
To the very last painful drop
She lets out one last desperate cry
She knows it’s too late to stop

  And all that her life has thrown at her
All she did was try
She didn’t want it to end like this
No, she didn’t want to die