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 Our Aims

Here are just a few of our aims that we hope to achieve by building this website and forum:

Through this website and forum we hope to inspire hope and healing for people suffering from all types of mental illness:


~  We hope to shed the light upon depression in teens, as this is often passed off as 'being hormonal' or being a 'moody teenager' when it can often represent something more serious. Depression should never be left untreated, or passed off as just a 'phase'.

~  Therefore we hope that, through supporting each other, expressing our emotions and sharing about our experiences, that we can not only educate ourselves about mental illness, but also move forward and find the light in the despair of suffering from mental illness/mood disorders.
~  We will also put useful links on this site where people can find help and information on mental illness, and we'll try to post up-to-date news on new advances in research on mental health.
~  We are no doctors, and are in no way medically trained. We're just normal people who know what it's like to suffer and who have been in those dark pits of despair, but there is light, and we hope more people will find it.
~  If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact us in the 'Contact Us' section, alternatively leave a comment on the guestbook or in the forum.